ABOUT ANNTIAN: ANNTIAN creates clothing with a focus on quality, sustainability, and individuality. We work with small regional manufacturers and prioritize using ecological materials. Our goal is to counter the fast fashion and fast-paced lifestyle that lead to the loss of individuality, personality, morality, plurality, and personal time.

ANNTIAN clothing is designed to bring joy for many years, inspiring exploration of life's spectrum. Our collections, including clothing, accessories, and interior items, tell unique stories and create a distinct world. We emphasize a theme at the heart of each collection, using conceptual and harmonious designs to sensitize and encourage a deeper look at things.

Each fabric is carefully designed by ANNTIAN, often featuring hand-painted or handprinted graphics, making each piece unique. We value proximity to our products and regional manufacturers, prioritizing the use of ecological fabrics and materials. Our clothes are filled with hidden details, conceptual authenticity, and individuality.

Key features of our clothes:

  • Simple and clear design
  • Detailed complexity
  • Emphasis on quality, texture, and individuality
  • Conceptual and diverse working techniques
  • Unique printing process resembling paper printing

Overall, our collections are calm and harmonious, yet detailed, complex, and intense.

ABOUT THE DESIGNERS: ANNTIAN was founded in Berlin in 2006 by designers Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt. Their first collection, SS07 'a stripes back,' marked the beginning of their creative journey. Twice a year, during Paris and Tokyo fashion weeks, they present their collections in private locations. In 2015, they opened ANNTIAN Land studio, located one hour from Berlin.