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Our use of Peace Silk

We embrace the beauty of "Peace Silk." This signifies a commitment to non-violent and cruelty-free silk breeding and production. Let's delve into the world of Peace Silk, where the metamorphosis of silkworm to butterfly is allowed to unfold without causing harm to any living creature.What is Peace Silk?:Peace Silk, also known as Ahimsa Silk, is crafted under stringent social, ecological, and environmental standards in India. The key principle is to complete the silkworm's transformation into a butterfly, ensuring that no animals suffer or lose their lives for the sake of fashion.Cruelty-Free Process:Silkworm breeding occurs in natural conditions, free from fungicides, insecticides, or genetic sprays. The trees hosting silkworms are protected with nets, creating a shield against other insects or birds, resembling...

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Upcycling from Vintage Tablecloths

OUR UPCYCLING PROJECT GOES ON:Discover the transformation of sourced towels and tablecloths into unique "Talking Towels & Tablecloths." Join us in the revival of stories through fashion.The Upcycling Process:We've carefully selected forgotten towels and tablecloths for this project, breathing new life into them as "Upcycled Reincarnation Shirts", Vests and bags. Enhancing their vintage charm, we've overdyed these textiles, creating garments that speak to sustainable fashion and carry the rich stories of their past lives.Talking Towels & Tablecloths:Named for their previous lives, these pieces hold unique narratives from family gatherings to special occasions. Each garment is a testament to the beauty of sustainable fashion and a conversation starter in its own right.Sustainability Focus:At the core of this project is our commitment...

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ABOUT ANNTIAN: ANNTIAN creates clothing with a focus on quality, sustainability, and individuality. We work with small regional manufacturers and prioritize using ecological materials. Our goal is to counter the fast fashion and fast-paced lifestyle that lead to the loss of individuality, personality, morality, plurality, and personal time. ANNTIAN clothing is designed to bring joy for many years, inspiring exploration of life's spectrum. Our collections, including clothing, accessories, and interior items, tell unique stories and create a distinct world. We emphasize a theme at the heart of each collection, using conceptual and harmonious designs to sensitize and encourage a deeper look at things. Each fabric is carefully designed by ANNTIAN, often featuring hand-painted or handprinted graphics, making each piece unique....

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