The Rough Nights are several nights around the calendrical turn of the year, to which a special, certain meaning is attributed in European traditions and rituals - they have always been considered a holy time.

We were enchanted by the thoughts behind it and these Twelve Nights became inspiration and title of our AW24 collection.

The colours and prints for "Rought Nights" is covered in a light veil, a fog lying over everything, a coating of mystical energy.


Sourced, thrown away, used "second hand“ Towels & Tablecloths became revived to "Upcycled Reincarnation Shirts“ and Bags. All made from vintage hand-embroidered tablecloths and towels that we overdyed to create a mystical atmosphere.


Peace Silk means: non-violent and, above all, cruelty-free silk breeding and production. It allows the metamorphosis of silkworm to butterfly to be completed, so that no animal has to suffer or die for fashion. Peace Silk (non-violent silk also called Ahimsa Silk) is manufactured under the strictest social, ecological and environmental standards in India.